Collin Miller

The E-Valuator Consultant

The E-Valuator is an industry leading investment tool that enables the Investor to have customized control over the performance tolerance of their investment holdings. Incorporating a two-dial system, the E-Valuator allows the user to “fine tune” and “set” their desired performance requirements which will provide insight regarding an investment’s performance trend. Once the fine tuning is completed, The E-Valuator will alert the Investor whenever an investment’s performance is unacceptable and/or no longer tolerable as compared to the average return of its respective peer group. This system will determine when an investment should be placed on the “Watch” list, or ultimately “Replaced” due to how severely it has violated the established performance tolerance standards.


The E-Valuator recognizes performance momentum an investment is displaying relative to is respective peer group. The performance momentum provides an indication of its return relative to the respective peer group; a meaningful insight during the investment monitoring process. The E-Valuator’s industry leading control and analysis over thousands of investments is 100% customizable to the unique performance tolerance of each individual Investor

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